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In a perfect world there would be no pests. With no pests there would be no need for pesticides. Whether the pest causes serious health problems, damages our crops or property, or simply torments us, we often find ourselves at odds with other organisms.

There are many kinds of pests and there are many ways to manage pests. Pesticides are simply a tool in the toolbox. Like many tools, pesticides have the potential to cause harm. Because of this and the fact that using a pesticide can have risks (for you, others, livestock or pets and the environment), it is a good idea to know something about how they work and their safe as possible use in order to minimize the risks.

1. How Many Pesticides Do You Use: The Answer May Surprise You
2. Questions about pesticides?
3. Start an IPM Plan for Your Home
4. Storing and Disposing of Pesticides
5. What's on a Pesticide Label?
6. Using Caution When Mixing Pesticides
7. Proper Pesticide Application
8. Calibrate a Hand Sprayer
9. Calibrate a Drop or Rotary Spreader
10. What to Wear When Handling Pesticides
11. How to Select a Pesticide
12. Professional Application Services: What You Should Know
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